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Now on the radio : Me In The Bath - The Release Release

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Simply Thcoreba Thmano

Simply Thcoreba Thmano
available on material support at our physical releases shop
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▶ Thcoreba Thmano - The Nuclear Winter
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▶ Thcoreba Thmano - Show / Don't Show
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▶ Thcoreba Thmano - Like Floating In The Space Between
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▶ Thcoreba Thmano - Outro
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photo picture of the Me In The Bath 'Best 2010-2015' CDs

Big News

The material releases shop (cd, cassettes, etc) is temporarily available once again

The good good news being the following:
There is still some copy left of the Me In The Bath "Best 2010-2015" signed CD-R!
This is a limited edition of 100 copies, divided in two series:

These CDs are NOT available as-is at the online store. Instead of that, one of them will be shipped with any order of some other albums, until we run out of copies

Go to the online store now

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