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Welcome to Crem Road !

This is the latest incarnation of a collective of musician publishing music through the (now dubbed) Crem Road records internet label, a.k.a. "netlabel", which setup its first web presence in late 1997 and never discontinued since to provide its music to the audience, ranging from pop-punk to IDM, from lofi minimal folk to plain rock, from electrohouse to garage noisepop, just to mention a few.

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Music that matters

The whole concept of Crem Road records, from the music to the cover art, from the sound design to the mastering, has its grassroot at a retro-aggressive approach of aesthetics, experimenting broadly the fields of out-of-sync, lofi and overdrive, or atonal approach of the musical writing. Completely unique and idiosyncratic, the Crem Road records artists gained much attention from internet scene aficionados all over the world, since many years.

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Music that is loved

This specific approach, so much different, allowed the Crem Road music to gain various airplays on several radios, mentions on specialized websites, and overall, the strong love and support from fans around the world, who helped, including monetary, the label to live its life and to gain more and more new listeners over time.

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Not only good music, but also libre music

Besides this, virtually all the releases from Crem Road records are licensed under libre licenses and available for free download and unlimited streaming, on-demand or via our own music-only webradio, from this website. This allows people to copy and pass around the records without breaking any law, including sharing them on P2P networks, but also non-commercial radios and webradios to broadcast them. All the Crem Road records catalog's copyright remains in our own hands, being not delegated to any right collection society, and we are likely to allow commercial radio broadcast or commercial public performance, if asked.

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A friends story

The label is run by the musicians themselves, and most of them are reoccurring actors for several of the music projects that are featured by Crem Road records in its catalog. The main person to ask for considering any question about Crem Road records is Nicolas "Shangri-l" Chartoire, who is a member or past member of most of the Crem Road records featured music projects.

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DIY venture

We try to work as independently as possible, and to do things by ourselves. We record at home, we run a real website to provide our music directly to the fans, and the software used to propel this website is free software, available for anyone for reuse and modification. In the past, and maybe again someday, Crem Road used to distribute at a very small scale handcrafted physical releases on cassette and CDs.

We are likely to grant radio/webradio broadcasting rights if asked. Contact: contact@cremroad.com
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Now on the radio : Nicolas Chartoire - Scub Tuba

☰Crem Road - The record label


electronic IDM
Since 2013

Me In The Bath

noisepop lofi garage rock
Since 2010

Silence International

acoustic alternative-rock
Since 2017


Supercollider #sc140 #sc280
Since 2018

Bubble Bath Bob

Electroacoustic Fusion
Since 2018

Thcoreba Thmano

garage reggae power-noise
Since 2011

Still Living Creature

electronic IDM alternative-house
Since 2007

Gorbie's Stuff

powerpop-punk popnoise rock

Beatles II

alternative-rock reggae-rock

The Kuang

indie alternative

Brainless On Line

poppunk punk-rock



Nicolas Chartoire

lofi minimal-folk alternative poprock
Memories of A Devastated Civilization EPUntitled Album (2019 Remaster)Simply Thcoreba ThmanoIntroducing Snakes In Ireland (Bubble Bath Bob remix)Something PlannedLast Before JuraGlitched WorldGravity CannonDidJaws 2017 II EPSummer Getting WarmerSilence InternationalExtra Time With The Good GearDidJaws 2017 I EPBark At Anyone SeenRogue Analog Long Live Garage Edit/MixHole In CardboardHard TimesDark & Light EPSeptemberUntitledFirst Birthday PartyAu Fond Du ParcSomething I Had To Tell YouRogue AnalogIntroducing Snakes In IrelandBricksAnother Step Ahead The RoadLive Fête de la Musique 2015Where Did I Put My PopNew FlatIs 100 EnoughLive Fête De La Musique Janneyrias 2014Back Here AgainMe Here AgainClub EyeArkham AsylumNo EyeCary MeMonster EyeUsual StuffSion Safe PlaceWhat About An Acoustic SessionSalsacousticOn The Ways Through The NightTeuspliLooking UpNo WayEmptytude RemixedYell OwYour KingdomYoungWe YouWhile YouWay Too LateThe Sunday ReleaseThe Release ReleaseThe NumbersThe Next ReleaseThe DayThe MonthOh Hey OhPretty ToyNone Of Them HereMaryLoop TwoLoop ThreeLoop FourLoop FiveLoopKnown Field featuring D OneFor A ShowOn The Beach20110904 ImproA Book For MeLive Fête De La Musique Janneyrias 2012The Return Of Thcoreba ThmanoPeople We MissHere We AreInchNo TitleBackground Bee20110210 Live SetApeMe In The Bath Goes Acoustic Once Again20110406 ImproThree Little Pigs EPSongsSgnosMore Songs20110208 Acoustic SessionHeadsFriends AwayThe Bath In MeThe New Album Of The New MusicTogether We StandPixel Art Obscur Shangri-l Retrospective 2 Original SoundtrackLiquid SoapLike ALift/LockedEndless JamAnother Lamp20110210 Live Acoustic SessionOld Way LiveSLC Is BackBreakfastMegaRadio LinkMoon MoonNo SleepDig Dig LiveCrumble LiveXonot BabkatScub TubaLozz Es Mube32kbps Tales Volume 232kbps Tales Volume 1Untitled AlbumWine And Cigarettes LiveWine And Cigarettes Part 2 LiveRemote Services LiveThe Bright Side Of The TownLooking ForwardMore Martian MusicBig Tree LiveDob BeizyTen SongsFree DrugFlowers For HelenaBlue MondayLost Tracks EPOld SongsAlmost CompleteThe 01-06-05 SessionsDemo 0No arms no chocolateFeet

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