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Me In The Bath's song Minuit Sur La Belle Province got airplayed by Radio Giroll in their monthly talk show. Thank you folks!

We are likely to grant radio/webradio broadcasting rights if asked. Contact:
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Now on the radio : Me In The Bath - 20110208 Acoustic Session

☰Crem Road - The record label


electronic IDM
Since 2013

Me In The Bath

noisepop lofi garage rock
Since 2010

Silence International

acoustic alternative-rock
Since 2017


Supercollider #sc140 #sc280
Since 2018

Bubble Bath Bob

Electroacoustic Fusion
Since 2018

Thcoreba Thmano

garage reggae power-noise
Since 2011

Still Living Creature

electronic IDM alternative-house
Since 2007

Gorbie's Stuff

powerpop-punk popnoise rock

Beatles II

alternative-rock reggae-rock

The Kuang

indie alternative

Brainless On Line

poppunk punk-rock



Nicolas Chartoire

lofi minimal-folk alternative poprock
Something PlannedBark At Anyone SeenSimply Thcoreba ThmanoIntroducing Snakes In Ireland (Bubble Bath Bob remix)Last Before JuraGlitched WorldGravity CannonDidJaws 2017 II EPSummer Getting WarmerSilence InternationalWhat About An Acoustic SessionSalsacousticOn The Ways Through The NightFeetExtra Time With The Good GearDidJaws 2017 I EPRogue Analog Long Live Garage Edit/MixHole In CardboardHard TimesDark & Light EPSeptemberUntitledFirst Birthday PartyAu Fond Du ParcSomething I Had To Tell YouRogue AnalogIntroducing Snakes In IrelandBricksTeuspliAnother Step Ahead The RoadWhere Did I Put My PopNew FlatIs 100 EnoughNo arms no chocolateBack Here AgainMe Here AgainClub EyeArkham AsylumNo EyeCary MeMonster EyeUsual StuffSion Safe PlaceTogether We StandAnother LampDemo 0Untitled AlbumThe Return Of Thcoreba ThmanoPeople We MissLooking UpHere We AreLost Tracks EPNo WayInchEmptytude RemixedNo TitleBackground Bee20110210 Live SetSLC Is BackRadio LinkOld Way LiveNo SleepMoon MoonMegaDig Dig LiveCrumble LiveBreakfastWine And Cigarettes Part 2 LiveWine And Cigarettes LiveThe Bright Side Of The TownRemote Services LiveMore Martian MusicLooking ForwardBig Tree LiveTen SongsFree DrugFlowers For HelenaBlue MondayOld SongsApeXonot BabkatScub TubaLozz Es Mube32kbps Tales Volume 232kbps Tales Volume 1On The BeachDob BeizyMe In The Bath Goes Acoustic Once Again20110406 ImproYour KingdomYoungYell OwWhile YouWe YouWay Too LateThree Little Pigs EPThe Sunday ReleaseThe Release ReleaseThe NumbersThe Next ReleaseThe MonthThe Day20110208 Acoustic SessionSongsSgnosPretty ToyOh Hey OhNone Of Them HereMore SongsMaryLoop TwoLoop ThreeLoop FourLoop FiveLoopKnown Field featuring D OneHeadsFor A ShowFriends Away20110904 ImproLiquid SoapThe New Album Of The New MusicThe Bath In MePixel Art Obscur Shangri-l Retrospective 2 Original SoundtrackLike AEndless JamLift/Locked20110210 Live Acoustic SessionA Book For MeThe 01-06-05 SessionsAlmost Complete

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