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Legal: please note that the exact license of each music track provided here can be accessed by using the "info+" button provided with each track. Note that it won't work on "unfinished" (still growing and currently not availble for download) albums. For albums provided for free download, if no functionnal url -typically an http Creative Commons or Art Libre url- is provided, please consider as a default that the license of the track is ; besides this, and, as an exception, the EP "No arms no chocolate" by Brainless On Line is under All Rights Reserved, because this is a very old EP, which has been uploaded by the band (or at least the sole remainging member carying its heavy legacy) on Clewn Audio, which is an open and free non-commercial service for online music storage, and Crem Road is using Clewn Audio to host its audio, and we LOVE Brainless On Line and included their EP in our listings, even if it's not free/open licensed music.
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Politic of confidentiality : This website doesn't collect any personnal data. Nevertheless, the hosting service that hosts this website collects web server access logs, including IP addresses. The people running this website have access to these webserver logs that are used to generate our panel of traffic statistics. They will not share your IP address with a third party. The hosting service may be required by the law enforcement services to provide the IP addresses to Justice. This website is hosted in France by a French hosting service and therefore subject to French laws.
What to do if you feel uncomfortable with a French judge knowing your IP ? Think about using Tor Browser to browse websites.

Please note this point also : thumbnails are generated on-the-fly for images to load quicker and to avoid puting browsing devices on their knees when displaying hundreds of pictures on a single screen. To make page load quicker, these thumbnails are stored on the server temporarily. Then, someone having an access to the server logs, once knowing an IP address, can also deduct which was the resolution ("size") of the browser window of a site's visitor.
We are Crem Road. Formerly C0C. Formerly ZC Virtual. Formerly Slcnc Music. Existing since 1997. While we would be happy to be seen as an informal collective, legally this site is a personnal website run by an individual. Therefore, most of legal things that are required for company websites are not applicable for us. Like providing a postal address, the name and location of our internet hosting service, etc, and while CNIL numbers still existed when this domain got online AFAIK, they are not required here.
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Additional credits: My Guitar Is Acid by DidJaws contains a sample from The Market Leaders - RL (used with autorisation). Cover Art from Glitched World by DidJaws is derivated from a picture due to the user "qimono" on the site (Freely reusable). Photo picture used for the cover art of the album Fairy Tales by Me In The Bath by Flure, used with authorisation.