The Crem Road yearly fundraising campaign is running now !

This year we won't ask only to our musicians if they wish to donate to support the work done with our label.

We got many visitors on this site, a site that provides free download and streaming, and that is funded by donations only

Our primary goal is to have the hosting and domain name fees covered by donations for the current year

If every person reading this message donated EUR 2.50 this objective would be completed in just ONE day

Our secondary objective is to raise enough money to buy a batch of microSD cards, which would allow us to have them at our store for a much lower recommended price.

If every person reading this message donated EUR 6.5 this secondary objective would be as well completed in a single day

Remember that Crem Road records provides its full catalog for free, without ads, without sharing your browing usage with advertising corporations. We run this website in full independence and we coded everything by ourselve and made the software available for free for anyone wishing to reuse it

Please support our effort and the overall project of providing free music and producing new albums by making a donation, no matter how small it is

Note that we would love if you donated once, but it would be even more appreciated if you made a reoccuring donation ("donate monthly") which would allow us to have a greater visibility for the future money balance of the label. The donation form is here
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Rogue Analog

Rogue Analog
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Still Living Creature - Rogue Analog
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Still Living Creature - Tofu
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Still Living Creature - Hanging On The Visiophone
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Still Living Creature - Une Quatrième
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