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Crem Road

Free music from our collective of musicians, under free or open licenses. Quality lofi bedroom pop, garage, underground electro and more.
We are likely to grant radio/webradio broadcasting rights if asked. Contact:
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☰Crem Road - The record label

 [Oldies Never Recorded Before]
Oldies Never Recorded Before
 [New Flat 10th Anniversary Remaster]
New Flat 10th Anniversary Remaster
 [May The Force Be With Cats]
May The Force Be With Cats
 [For You/Buy/At Work/Vegan Food Name Your Price]
For You/Buy/At Work/Vegan Food Name Your Price
 [Brainless On Live [The Lost VHS Tape]]
Brainless On Live [The Lost VHS Tape]
 [Fairy Tales (Songs for Johnny)]
Fairy Tales (Songs for Johnny)
 [First Since Jura]
First Since Jura
 [Me In The Bath]
Me In The Bath
 [La part des anges]
La part des anges
 [Quarantine Mix]
Quarantine Mix
 [Another Year]
Another Year
 [Brainless On Live]
Brainless On Live
 [We Ain't Got Time]
We Ain't Got Time
 [All Year Long]
All Year Long
 [Home Made Techno EP]
Home Made Techno EP
 [Memories of A Devastated Civilization EP]
Memories of A Devastated Civilization EP
 [Untitled Album (2019 Remaster)]
Untitled Album (2019 Remaster)
 [Simply Thcoreba Thmano]
Simply Thcoreba Thmano
 [Introducing Snakes In Ireland (Bubble Bath Bob remix)]
Introducing Snakes In Ireland (Bubble Bath Bob remix)
 [Something Planned]
Something Planned
 [Last Before Jura]
Last Before Jura
 [Glitched World]
Glitched World
 [Gravity Cannon]
Gravity Cannon
 [DidJaws 2017 II EP]
DidJaws 2017 II EP
 [Summer Getting Warmer]
Summer Getting Warmer
 [Silence International]
Silence International
 [Extra Time With The Good Gear]
Extra Time With The Good Gear
 [DidJaws 2017 I EP]
DidJaws 2017 I EP
 [Bark At Anyone Seen]
Bark At Anyone Seen
 [Rogue Analog Long Live Garage Edit/Mix]
Rogue Analog Long Live Garage Edit/Mix
 [Hole In Cardboard]
Hole In Cardboard
 [Hard Times]
Hard Times
 [Dark & Light EP]
Dark & Light EP
 [First Birthday Party]
First Birthday Party
 [Au Fond Du Parc]
Au Fond Du Parc
 [Something I Had To Tell You]
Something I Had To Tell You
 [Rogue Analog]
Rogue Analog
 [Introducing Snakes In Ireland]
Introducing Snakes In Ireland
 [Another Step Ahead The Road]
Another Step Ahead The Road
 [Live Fête de la Musique 2015]
Live Fête de la Musique 2015
 [Where Did I Put My Pop]
Where Did I Put My Pop
 [New Flat]
New Flat
 [Is 100 Enough]
Is 100 Enough
 [Live Fête De La Musique Janneyrias 2014]
Live Fête De La Musique Janneyrias 2014
 [Back Here Again]
Back Here Again
 [Me Here Again]
Me Here Again
 [Club Eye]
Club Eye
 [Arkham Asylum]
Arkham Asylum
 [No Eye]
No Eye
 [Cary Me]
Cary Me
 [Monster Eye]
Monster Eye
 [Usual Stuff]
Usual Stuff
 [Sion Safe Place]
Sion Safe Place
 [What About An Acoustic Session]
What About An Acoustic Session
 [On The Ways Through The Night]
On The Ways Through The Night
A Concept Album
 [Looking Up]
Looking Up
 [No Way]
No Way
 [Emptytude Remixed]
Emptytude Remixed
 [Yell Ow]
Yell Ow
 [Your Kingdom]
Your Kingdom
 [We You]
We You
 [While You]
While You
 [Way Too Late]
Way Too Late
 [The Sunday Release]
The Sunday Release
 [The Release Release]
The Release Release
 [The Numbers]
The Numbers
 [The Next Release]
The Next Release
 [The Day]
The Day
 [The Month]
The Month
 [Oh Hey Oh]
Oh Hey Oh
 [Pretty Toy]
Pretty Toy
 [None Of Them Here]
None Of Them Here
 [Loop Two]
Loop Two
 [Loop Three]
Loop Three
 [Loop Four]
Loop Four
 [Loop Five]
Loop Five
 [Known Field featuring D One]
Known Field featuring D One
 [For A Show]
For A Show
 [On The Beach]
On The Beach
 [20110904 Impro]
20110904 Impro
 [A Book For Me]
A Book For Me
 [Live Fête De La Musique Janneyrias 2012]
Live Fête De La Musique Janneyrias 2012
 [20110208 Acoustic Session]
20110208 Acoustic Session
 [20110210 Live Acoustic Session]
20110210 Live Acoustic Session
 [20110406 Impro]
20110406 Impro
 [The Return Of Thcoreba Thmano]
The Return Of Thcoreba Thmano
 [People We Miss]
People We Miss
 [Here We Are]
Here We Are
 [No Title]
No Title
 [Background Bee]
Background Bee
 [20110210 Live Set]
20110210 Live Set
 [Me In The Bath Goes Acoustic Once Again]
Me In The Bath Goes Acoustic Once Again
 [Three Little Pigs EP]
Three Little Pigs EP
 [More Songs]
More Songs
 [Friends Away]
Friends Away
 [The Bath In Me]
The Bath In Me
 [The New Album Of The New Music]
The New Album Of The New Music
 [Together We Stand]
Together We Stand
 [Pixel Art Obscur Shangri-l Retrospective 2 Original Soundtrack]
Pixel Art Obscur Shangri-l Retrospective 2 Original Soundtrack
 [Liquid Soap]
Liquid Soap
 [Like A]
Like A
 [Endless Jam]
Endless Jam
 [Another Lamp]
Another Lamp
20110330 Acoutic Session
 [Old Way Live]
Old Way Live
 [SLC Is Back]
SLC Is Back
 [Radio Link]
Radio Link
 [Moon Moon]
Moon Moon
 [No Sleep]
No Sleep
 [Dig Dig Live]
Dig Dig Live
 [Crumble Live]
Crumble Live
 [Xonot Babkat]
Xonot Babkat
 [Scub Tuba]
Scub Tuba
 [Lozz Es Mube]
Lozz Es Mube
 [32kbps Tales Volume 2]
32kbps Tales Volume 2
 [32kbps Tales Volume 1]
32kbps Tales Volume 1
 [Untitled Album]
Untitled Album
 [Wine And Cigarettes Live]
Wine And Cigarettes Live
 [Wine And Cigarettes Part 2 Live]
Wine And Cigarettes Part 2 Live
 [Remote Services Live]
Remote Services Live
 [The Bright Side Of The Town]
The Bright Side Of The Town
 [Looking Forward]
Looking Forward
 [More Martian Music]
More Martian Music
 [Big Tree Live]
Big Tree Live
 [Dob Beizy]
Dob Beizy
 [Ten Songs]
Ten Songs
 [Free Drug]
Free Drug
 [Flowers For Helena]
Flowers For Helena
 [Blue Monday]
Blue Monday
 [Lost Tracks EP]
Lost Tracks EP
 [Old Songs]
Old Songs
 [Almost Complete]
Almost Complete
 [The 01-06-05 Sessions]
The 01-06-05 Sessions
 [Demo 0]
Demo 0
 [No arms no chocolate]
No arms no chocolate

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