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Crem Road records - Workshop log

March 22, 2016

We got our first order on Saturday 12, one pack of 1 t shirst and 1 deluxe CD with handcrafted cover. A white t-shirt was ordered, and some glue and textile pen that were needed. The later arrived on Wednesday, and in the meanwhile the front and rear cover art had been designed and printed

The cover art sheets out of the printer, before they got cut

But we prepared a surprise for our customers : a one-sheet promotionnal fanzine with news from the label, Das Blatte

Das Blatte Issue 1 original handwritten sheet

And we copied it in order to have it shipping with our future orders

The first three copies of Das Blatte 1, meant to ship with our orders

The next step then was to cut the front and rear covert art

Cover art at the cutting stage

And to put the pictures in the transparent flexible plastic jackets

The jackets, ready to receive the CDs

Then it was time to burn

CD burning and labeling stage

And then we got our standard CDs ; but in our case we want deluxe ones, with a thin carboard hanpainted extra jacket

The standards CDs in their packaging

The first step was to cut and glue thin cardboard

The jacket are glued and waiting to be paitned

And then the front was paint with acrylic paint and brushes

The front of the cardboard jackets freshly painted

It was then time to let them get dry all night long. Tomorow we'll paint the rear side, and start working on the T-shirt drawing, look at March log and stay tuned !
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