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Crem Road radio is now disabled but you will want to take a look at our brand new Great Random Player instead

The facts, quickly
  1. In the end of the 2010's decade, a French court, strangely enough, ruled that the collective rights collection society called SPRé (Société Pour la Rémunération Équitable) could ask for its tax for commercial or public place music playback even if the music is not made by musicians that registered it to SPRé
  2. At the same time, on December 1st, 2019, the SPRé saw this extended to webradios. As far as we can know, the current page explaining the declaration and legal frame on SPRé website went online in September 2021. We got aware of this move in March 2023
  3. According to the SPRé, the tax ('income', as they say) that we should pay is about 12% of the cost of running our radio, and the annual Crem Road budget being a 2-digits number in Euros, this can be sustainable while unfair. None of our music is registered to SPRé or any other collective right collection society
  4. BUT the minimal yearly fee is EUR 300,00 per year (excluding VAT) no matter of the 12%. We don't always get enough monetary donations to support our hosting, already. We cannot decently look for five times more. Especially to enrich musicians from the big market and the intermediate
  5. Therefore, we cannot afford to buy the right to make a radio stream out of our own music, and Crem Road radio is going Bye-Bye. The overall silliness of the situation is extreme.